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Knishes Are Hot!
As seen in the "What's New" section of Newsday.

The cars that whiz along Lawson Boulevard in Oceanside need to slow down for the drivers who double-park outside the Oceanside Knish Factory. After years as a wholesale operation, it has finally opened it's doors to the public. Now lucky knish lovers can buy the oversized dough pockets filled with potato, kasha, spinach, mushroom, vegetables or even sweet potatoes, even cabbage or broccoli & cheese. Amazingly, there are 20 different fillings to choose from, and the knishes are big enough to be a good buy at a very reasonable price. We enjoyed a cheese and blueberry filled knish with a mid morning cup of hot java.

Open every day except Saturday, we recommend checking it out. Call for information at (516) 766-4445.

We had Rugelach before that I thought were great until I ordered and tasted yours. Let me tell you, they brought tears of joy to my eyes. I couldn't just eat one - they are the best.

They were light, moist and buttery. The fillings were over flowing with Fruit, Nuts and Raisons. My mouth is watering as I write this note. Looking forward to my next order.

Many thanks,

Being Kosher we ordered 10# of your Assorted Rugelach for my son's Post Bar Mitzvah celebration. We had only 25 guests, Besides the Rugelach we had a large Bar Mitzvah Cake from the Saturday affair. Guess what? They finished the Rugelach and left the Bar Mitzvah Cake. Several of the women wanted the recipe, they thought I made them but I was truthful, I told them the Oceanside Knish Factory and gave them your phone number.

I would ask my wife, "You Travel how far for a Knish?" Lisa and a couple of her "at home mom" friends would drive an hour in traffic to get their "fix". After I had a try, I certainly understood why. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. Now we order online... Although they are still worth the trip!

Love & knishes,

Oceanside Knish Factory
3445 Lawson Blvd.
Oceanside, N.Y. 11572
(516) 766-4445
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